Review “Murder On Cape Code” by Maddie Day


By Maddie Day

“Murder on Cape Cod” is the first of what I hope will be a long-running series featuring Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida, who operates a bicycle shop in Westham, Massachusetts. As summer approaches, and visitors swarm Cape Cod from all over the world, Mac’s prepared to handle all the rentals, repairs, and other bike-related requests the tourists will demand.

What Mac is not prepared for is discovering the murdered body of Jake Lacey, a local down-on-his-luck handyman. Unfortunately for Mac, she was seen arguing with Lacey a few hours before his death, so the police zero in on her as Suspect Number One. Mac doesn’t last long on the suspect list, however. She’s replaced quickly by her half-brother, Derrick, a single father and recovering alcoholic whose custom-made fishing knife was the murder weapon.

Mac knows Derrick is innocent. But there’s a problem: he doesn’t show up for his usual shift at the bike shop and doesn’t respond to her calls and texts. And before he disappeared, Derrick dropped off his daughter at their parents’ house, asking them to care for her until he came back.

Mac and Derrick have interesting parents, which adds to the enjoyment of this mystery. Mom is a psychic who’s changed her name to fit with her new profession, and Dad is a respected minister. Men of the cloth are known for keeping confidences, and as Mac questions him about Derrick’s whereabouts, she begins to suspect that her father knows a lot more about her brother than he’s prepared to share with her.

Mac’s only “experience” with murder investigations is through her involvement with the Cozy Capers, her local book club. And she quickly discovers that dealing with a real murder is a lot more complicated than one on the printed page, where a satisfying ending is pretty much guaranteed.

“Murder on Cape Cod” is an excellent start to this new series. Check it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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