Review “Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets” by Rosemary Simpson


By Rosemary Simpson

One of the most entertaining settings in literature, I have to say, is New York City during the Gilded Age. The sounds, the characters, the speech, the locations…everything seems to jump off the page, especially when Rosemary Simpson is the one penning the scene.

Her thrilling Gilded Age Mystery series continues to take readers on unforgettable adventures, and this newest addition is no exception.

This time out, we are strolling the world of NYC in 1889, being thrilled by the architecturally beautiful homes, the lush period clothing, and the electricity in the air that seems to foresee this city’s expansion into becoming the ultimate metropolis.

Prudence MacKenzie is a socialite who learned law from her late father who was a judge. She is now a P.I. and her partner’s name is Geoffrey Hunter. Born and bred in the South, he is a gentleman as well as an ex-Pinkerton detective. Their wealth of knowledge and skill help in this brand new case dropped at their door; a case that involves the sudden death of a mother and her newborn. The identical twin of the deceased woman hires Prudence and Geoffrey to find out if her own feelings are true; she believes that her sister was murdered by the horrible husband she married. What’s worse is this man remarried almost immediately and this second wife is now pregnant and could possibly be his next victim.

Post-mortem photography is the popular historical forensics method that this book focuses upon in order to solve the crime. When Prudence and Geoffrey are led to the photographer, they uncover the fact that the photo was retouched, which means someone is hiding something. They need a negative, and fast!

Although this can be read as a standalone novel, reading all of these mysteries is a sheer journey of enjoyment and fun. All are page-turners, and bringing this particular killer to justice before other women are mysteriously killed is truly riveting.

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