Review “In The Galway Silence” by Ken Bruen


By Ken Bruen

Jack Taylor is back and with him comes a brand new murder, a shadow from his past, and a look at Jack as he plays “dad” to his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son.

Jack has been through many years experiencing tragedy and violence in both his personal and professional lives. He’s finally at a point where peace is taking over. Of course, Jack still loves some of his vices, such as Jameson and a few harmless drugs once in a while, but he’s content with his new lady and his brand new apartment.

What Jack is not expecting is having to dive into yet another dark place and come face-to-face with a horrific vigilante called “Silence.” (Reason for that choice is the fact that he is the last thing any of his victim’s ever hear.)

When a Frenchman walks into Jack’s world and asks for his services, Jack should just walk away. The last thing he needs is more trouble. However, the man has a great amount of money to give and needs Jack to investigate the double-murder of his twin sons. This is a highly emotional case that hits Jack on many levels and he decides to do all he can to find the man some sort of justice. What he finds, unfortunately, is an evil plot that will have Jack racing to unmask a true killer who will not be stopped.

For those who have already been a part of Jack’s world, you will love the fact that the Irish man with his dark sense of humor has returned in this unforgettable story. And for those who are looking for a sharp, fresh character and a cat-and-mouse game that’s played perfectly, this is the book for you. Bruen continues to do a fantastic job when it comes to developing his character, and fans are thrilled to come along for the ride.

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