Review “Fatal Festival Days” by Jamie M. Blair


By Jamie M. Blair

This is a brand new Dog Days Mystery and is so much fun! Author Jamie Blair once again shows her own fantastic wit when it comes to this cozy series, and allows readers to have a ball as they head to the winter festival being held in Metamora, Indiana.

For those who have not yet been introduced to this great town and its inhabitants, historic Metamora first appeared on the scene in “Deadly Dog Days,” when a resident by the name of Cameron Cripps-Hayman set out to make friends with her neighbors. In that first mystery Cameron, and her estranged husband, the town’s sheriff, were both named as suspects in a crime. This brought about Cameron and her co-workers forming the Metamora Action Agency where they worked together to solve the crime.

This time around, Cameron is working hard to get all the activities up and running for the winter festival. She has her hand in almost everything; from organizing the dog sled races to the big event of carving ice sculptures, as well as putting together the downhill skiing events for both participants and visitors. Although this is hard work, it makes it even worse for Cameron when a mascot goes missing and angry protestors arrive to try and ruin the whole festival.

Soon, a dead body appears. A landowner whose heart is made of stone and whose mind only thinks about money and how to attain more of it is found dead as a doornail on top of one of the ski hills. But when another body is suddenly found, that of a former Olympian who once hosted the festival, then Cameron calls out to the Metamora Action Agency to regroup and help her catch this killer before everything comes crumbling down.

This is a great read, with great characters that have already created their very own fan base. It will be fun, as always, when we get to return to Metamora in the future.

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