Review “Eggs On Ice” by Laura Childs


By Laura Childs

There are a list of things that make Christmas the best time of the year, and the release of this new Cackleberry Club Mystery is the icing on that holiday cake.

Suzanne Dietz (newly engaged to the town doctor, Sam Hazelet), along with one of her partners at the Cackleberry Club Café, Toni, have skipped their normal business duties in order to help with costumes, stage lighting and more for the Kindred Players who will be putting on everyone’s favorite play, A Christmas Carol.

While attempting to figure out what curtain goes up and down, and exactly how much fog should be shot from the fog machine, they watch from backstage as an infamous ghost embraces Scrooge for just a moment before veering away. Suzanne is the only one who seems to find the fact that Scrooge hasn’t moved from his position yet, a little odd. When she closes in on him, she sees that he has been murdered and she chases after a ghost who basically turns on her, threatens her without saying a word, and races out the back door.

Scrooge was being played by one of the most hated men in town. Allan Sharp is described as the town’s curmudgeon, so becoming Scrooge wasn’t all that tough for him. But when the person who was cast to play the ghost stands beside Suzanne as the murder is taking place (because he was late getting to dress rehearsal), the suspects as to who could have taken Sharp down becomes a list longer than Santa’s own ‘naughty and nice’ list.

Childs once again provides an excellent story with a twist of a killer that you will not see coming. It is so much fun to be back at the Cackleberry Club with all our friends, and her words make Christmas even jollier than it already is. Not to mention, the recipes in the back are so scrumptious, they should be on every holiday table!

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