“Our House” by Louise Candlish


By Louise Candlish

There have been many books written about husbands versus wives. But this one goes beyond all of that and gives readers a real jolt of excitement, fear, and will cause mouths to hang open in shock when they read the final outcome.

Fiona Lawson is telling her story on a site that allows “victims” of crimes to share what has happened to them. She begins by speaking about the day she came home early from a trip to find another couple moving into her house. They are not criminals. They bought the house, fair and square, even though Fiona had no idea the house was even for sale.

Enter, Bram Lawson, who is far away from the UK where all of this is taking place. He is writing a letter—stating that it is a suicide note—and will explain throughout the book why, exactly, he and Fiona are separated yet still live together in this house; a crime he committed while sitting behind a steering wheel, when he was actually banned from driving; an affair that screwed up his entire life…and so much more. (This is one of those where I want to tell all, but, alas, cannot.)

One of the grandest character’s in this story is a house. A gorgeous house that is the one Fiona Lawson believed she would pass on to the next generation. A house that’s her savior, at times, and the one thing that causes her anguish, at other times. There are many lessons this incredible author taps: Be careful what you wish for; money doesn’t buy happiness; you don’t know what you got until it’s gone—they’re all there. But the way this author writes, the format of the book that allows both sides of the story to be given from two completely different points of view will cause you to stay up late and read every single word. This is one that suspense readers have been dying for!

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