“Cherry Pies and Deadly Lies” by Darci Hannah


By Darci Hannah

In this first book of a brand new series, readers meet Whitney Bloom. A girl from a small town in Wisconsin by the name of Cherry Cove, she now lives in Chicago and supports herself by running an online bakery called Bloom ‘n’ Cherries.

When Whitney first left the lakeside village of her youth, she’d thrust herself into the world of advertising. But when she created a horrible Super Bowl ad that cost the firm a great deal of money, and was fired on the spot, it was her friend, Giff, who talked her into setting up a mobile version of her company. Her plan was to park right outside her old office and wait for her boss to come running for a warm, tasty treat and then beg him to give her job back; a plan that did not work.

Now, she has an even bigger problem on her hands. A ringing phone with her emotional mother on the other end of the line, draws Whitney back home. It seems that the man who ran her family’s cherry orchard has been found murdered and all evidence leads to Whitney’s own father being the murderer. When she races home and finds herself knee-deep in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, she also finds herself face-to-face with someone she absolutely despised in high school. His name is Jack MacLaren and, unfortunately, has grown up to become the town’s only police officer. Not only must Whitney set aside her new goal of “baking her way into the hearts of all Chicago citizens” for a while, she also has to solve a crime before her childhood nemesis locks her father up and throws away the key.

This is great fun and extremely well-written. The crime, the characters—everything comes together as this author (one who has written historical fiction thus far) delves into the world of cozy mysteries and produces an extremely “tasty” story you will definitely devour in one sitting.

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