“Dyeing Up Loose Ends” by Maggie Sefton


By Maggie Sefton

Who knew knitting could be such an action-packed hobby?

Kelly Flynn is back and is enjoying a perfectly wonderful time in her life; a time where she gets to enjoy being a mom and not have to delve into the trials of death.

Kelly has a routine, even though most of it is taken up by four-year-old Jack who makes sure to never let Mom sit down. But there are times, thankfully, when Jack goes off to preschool and Kelly finds herself holding that much-needed coffee cup at Pete’s Porch Café. It is here that Kelly visits with Julie, her server who is attempting to become an accountant one day, just like Kelly. After coffee, Kelly does find time to congregate with the other knitters at Lambspun. She shares all the up-to-date actions and events happening in Jack’s world, while the other women speak a great deal about all the work Kelly has done over the years catching criminals and solving crimes.

Things hit far too close to home, however, when it is Julie who turns up dead. And when it’s Kelly’s friend who falls victim, the need to know is magnified. Kelly goes out, talks to everyone, asks questions, and is basically on a mission to make sure the culprit is brought to justice. Unfortunately, Julie has no enemies whatsoever…at least, none that can be found. So…was it just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Mistaken identity, perhaps? It will take a lot of work for the knitters to pull the truth from the darkness, and when they do, they may just be shocked at what they find out.

These Knitting Mysteries have been entertaining suspense lovers for a long time now. And with this title being among some of the absolute best, it looks like author Sefton has (thankfully) a whole lot more to say.

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