“Three Days Missing” by Kimberly Belle


By Kimberly Belle

This is one of those tales that hits close to home and can hurt the heart in so many ways. Here, a child disappears and the investigation that ensues is both riveting and hard to take.

Kat Jenkins is a mom stuck in a nightmare. It begins when she’s awoken by the sound of her own doorbell and opens it to see men in uniform on the doorstep. They are there to relay information that causes Kat’s life to turn upside down in the blink of an eye. Ethan, her nine-year-old son, has gone missing while on a class trip. He and his classmates had traveled to a campground and stayed overnight in a cabin, but when Kat speeds to the location in order to find her boy, she is told by law enforcement that they lost any sign of him while following his trail through the forest.

But Kat is not the only parent that this book involves. Stef Huntington is another mom from the same school who is the complete opposite of Kat. Whereas Kat has had to deal with rumors and gossip in regard to her past, Stef is a woman with a loving husband, a son who is extremely popular with the rest of the students, and has money and respect from the town residents that Kat will never receive.

This tragedy, however, brings these two parents together in a strange way. As the law continues to investigate, things go from bad to worse as these two women find themselves unveiling the evil souls that live inside the people that supposedly love them the most.

A story that is constantly moving, this author has created an unforgettable thriller with danger lurking around every single corner.

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