“The Diva Cooks Up A Storm” by Krista Davis


By Krista Davis

Domestic diva, Sophie Winston, is known all over Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, for the skill she owns to whip up a meal guaranteed to please even the pickiest of palates. But even Sophie deserves a night out of the kitchen and a chance to sample someone else’s cuisine. So when her best friend and neighbor, Nina Reid Norwood, invites her to a local “popup” dinner party (one where guests are told the location of the dinner at the last minute, and the menu remains top-secret until it’s actually served), Sophie is thrilled to go.

The celebrity chef, the haute cuisine, and the high-profile guests are all unexpected, but the biggest surprise comes before the dinner is served. Local attorney, Hollis Haberman, tells Sophie that he thinks someone is trying to poison him and asks if she can test some food samples to see if he’s correct. A most unusual request, to be sure, but it really rocks Sophie, especially when she factors in Hollis’s recent divorce and quick remarriage to a very young trophy wife.

When Sophie discovers Hollis dying in front of his house less than twelve hours after the dinner, it looks like Hollis was right. But all the food samples he’d given to Sophie show no traces of poison. Suspicion immediately falls on Kelsey, the wife, even though she seems to be suffering from a milder version of what killed her husband. Kelsey turns to Sophie for help, and when Sophie does some online research, she discovers that the young bride has murder in her past.

“The Diva Cooks Up a Storm” is the eleventh title in the Domestic Diva Mystery series penned by Krista Davis, and all the characters readers love are back and in top form, including Sophie’s ex-husband Mars, local funeral parlor entrepreneur, Humphrey Brown, and arbiter (in her mind) of all things that are in good taste, Natasha. It’s a delicious mystery, and I loved it!

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