“The Disappearing” by Lori Roy


By Lori Roy

Lane Wallace’s life has not been an easy one. Her father was once the director of a local boys’ reform school and has frightening, evil things in his past—things that Lane, herself, paid greatly for.

Escaping from this town while she was in high school, Lane never thought she’d have to return to this hell on earth and again live in Fielding Plantation with her parents. A historical site now, this house sits beside the reform school and is littered with broken statues and crumbling buildings dating back to the time when white men ruled.

One day while Lane is working at Rowland’s Tavern, a man stumbles through the door.  Untrusting of any new face, Lane never knows if this is an enemy coming back to punish her father for his crimes, or perhaps even a reporter looking for more gossip from the past. She starts to call her friend, Sheriff Mark Ellenton, just in case this stranger is up to no good, but decides against it when others come into the building and she’s no longer alone.

Lane is a bit nervous, and has every right to be. It was only ten days ago that a young woman disappeared. Her name was Susannah Bauer, and she was actually working at the plantation at the time of her disappearance.

As old wounds reopen and Waddell returns to the news, Lane’s life is turned upside down. There are men who continue to claim that they were beaten by her father while at the reform school, and Lane has her own abduction in the past that led to the murder of a young man. But even more horror is coming.

Roy has created a town with a frightening past that just keeps getting worse. You get the chills just reading her hypnotic tale, which makes this four in a row when it comes to fantastic books written by Lori Roy.

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