“The Children’s Game” by Max Karpov


By Max Karpov

From the moment the first chapter begins, readers will understand why this is such a highly recommended geo-political thriller. Here, you have something for everyone that seems to go hand-in-hand with what’s appearing on the TV news stations in 2018.

A Russian cyberattack on America is imminent. Perhaps, America believes, it has actually begun. Being given the code name, “The Children’s Game,” this attack is supposed to mimic a chess strategy that results in Russia achieving checkmate in only four moves. This is a plan created by Andrei Turov, a Russian billionaire and former FBS officer who recruited an operative by the name of Ivan Delkoff to organize the attack. As these various “moves” are being played out, informants will spread misinformation and televise a breaking news event; while the world is looking one way, hackers will then commit the attack.

One thing the Kremlin did not account for, however, as they attempt to twist and turn the truth and confuse the media in order to make Russia great once again, is the fact that the U.S. of A. has a way to stop the attack from happening, in the form of Christopher Niles.

Now retired from the CIA, Niles is enjoying his vacation with his significant other, U.S. Senator Anna Carpenter, when he is suddenly called back to work and sent to talk to an informant in London. Retirement now kaput, Niles and Anna join forces with a journalist who happens to be Niles’ half-brother to uncover this scheme and stop it in its tracks.

Espionage, thrills, chills and, perhaps, a little too close to home, this is one book that you should not miss. Writer Max Karpov’s ultimate talent stems from being able to explain all the intricacies of cyberwarfare while making sure to always keep the pace fast and the action nonstop.

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