“Island Of The Mad” by Laurie R. King


By Laurie R. King

Get ready for those super fun sleuths, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, as they come together once more to investigate a truly memorable mystery.

It is the summer of 1925, and our story begins with Mary and Sherlock taking a walk on the Downs when a friend contacts them out of the blue. He needs them to help find his elderly aunt who has not returned from a well-supervised outing.

In recent months, Mary’s life has been littered with oddities, murders, loss, and even information out of the blue in regard to Sherlock. She is more than a bit tired, so the case is not easy to just take on. Especially seeing as that the lady who is currently missing is what one would call “whacky.”

You see, the Lady Vivian Beaconsfield has been calling various asylums home for many years, although recently it has been stated that she’s made progress and seemed more on the side of sanity. But she’s now vanished and her own family believes that she has taken the family jewels along with her. Are they more worried about the woman…or is this a greedy bunch who will not rest until the purloined gems are returned?

As always, the journey Mary and Sherlock take brings them to amazing locations. In this, their scenery stems from the dark, twisted asylum to a stunning lagoon, and injects into the tale everyone from a crazy lady who may be up to no good to the one and only Cole Porter.

As fun as all the rest, author Laurie King brings her always amazing imagination to the page to enthrall readers, as only she can do.

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