“Death Rides The Ferry” by Patricia Skalka


By Patricia Skalka

Washington Island in August is a beautiful location where the citizens of Wisconsin’s Door County are having a whole lot of fun; they are especially excited to hear the sounds of the stringed instruments floating on the breeze. This is occurring after forty years of silence; silence that came from the Viola de Gamba Festival closing up shop after a violent murder occurred on the isle.

Residents will never forget that time, decades earlier, when a soul was taken along with a valuable 16th century viola that became a piece of fabled history, never to be seen again. But now, forty years later, it seems that normalcy has returned with the Festival and Sheriff Dave Cubiak is but one of the locals who’s extremely happy to see it all restored.

The ferry with visitors is making its way in, sailboats are decorating the waters, and the sheriff gets a well-deserved day off watching both tourists and a documentary film crew take part in the activities by hovering around the musicians who’re creating the stunning sounds. This is the last place anyone would want history to repeat itself but, unfortunately, that is exactly what occurs.

Murder once again takes place and everything from mistaken identity to kidnapping sends Dave Cubiak on a search that will show how these two tragedies, done so far apart time-wise, have something highly important in common. A ruthless killer is in the midst of the sheriff, as well as his family and friends, and he finds himself exploring the northern reaches of Lake Michigan in order to stop more bloodshed from happening.

This is the fourth book in the Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery series, and readers will not be surprised to learn that they just keep getting better and better with age!

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