“Called To Protect” by Lynette Eason


By Lynette Eason

The Blue Justice series started off with a real bang in “Oath of Honor.” Now, with this second story, Eason has set these incredible characters in stone and allows readers to learn even more about them, while falling even more in love with the real “star,” a German shepherd named Hank.

Chloe St. John and her K-9 partner, Hank, work well together. Hank is also a great part of Chloe’s life and training with him helps her get through some of the pain she’s feeling. Her fiancé threw Chloe aside for another woman, which makes Hank the only male that she can put up with. (Not a surprise, considering loyalty is Hank’s best feature.)

Keeping her focus on her job and her partner, Chloe finds herself suddenly wrapped up in a case that involves her own family. Human trafficking is the crime being investigated and her cousin, who recently disappeared, may be in the midst of these evil people.

Another girl disappears and she just so happens to be the beloved daughter of U.S. Marshal Blake MacCallum. He’s been given orders, however, on how he can see his daughter again. All Blake has to do is take out the high-brow judge he’s currently protecting and not tell anyone about his daughter being kidnapped. If he fails to do either of these things, the Marshal is assured that his daughter will be killed.

Chloe starts to feel a little too much for the man who seems down and desperate, but she promised herself she would keep romance at a distance. Not to mention, this man with secrets is not exactly someone she can trust, but she doesn’t know it yet. Protecting herself, Chloe makes sure that she and Hank play an integral part in the task force that is assigned to destroy the traffickers and, hopefully, save her cousin.

Lynette Eason continues to be great at what she does and, yes…Hank retains the ability to steal any scene.

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