“Dark Side of the Moon” by Alan Jacobson


By Alan Jacobson

Jacobson writes one of his best books to date with this tale of spies, biological weapons, and a Moon shot.

Apollo 17 came back from the Moon with a secret element, and someone in NASA has leaked the properties of this element called caesarium to enemies of the United States. The potential harm it can cause turns into a race back to the Moon to retrieve more of this element for nefarious purposes.

OPSIG members Hector DeSantos and Aaron Uziel are recruited on the fast track to become astronauts and go to the Moon to stop the Russians from taking caesarium and bringing it back. FBI profiler Karen Vail has the task of trying to find the NASA mole, but when one of her colleagues’ fathers gets taken, it quickly becomes personal.

Jacobson has crafted a fast-paced and engagingly scientific thriller.

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