“Warning Light” by David Ricciardi


By David Ricciardi

A major earthquake in Tehran creates an international crisis, and a commercial flight suffering mechanical failure must make an emergency landing on a restricted airport runway. When one of the passengers, Zac Miller, starts taking photos on his cell phone in the lobby after deplaning, he is immediately detained and accused of being a spy. That’s when the fun truly begins. Miller is in fact a CIA agent, but he has never been trained in any capacity beyond desk work. When a murder occurs with his fingerprints all over the evidence, he realizes he must dig deep and find skills he didn’t know he had in order to escape from a foreign country and clear his name.

This is Ricciardi’s first novel, and from the well-crafted and intense storyline it’s hard to believe that he has not written dozens of prior thrillers. Definitely seek this one out.

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