“Tracks” by LaLa Corriere


By LaLa Corriere

Tucson-based PI Cassidy Clark and her best friend, attorney Breecie Lemay, take on the mob in this fast-paced international thriller, chasing drug lords responsible for the apparent death of their college girlfriend, Catherine, the mob boss’s wife, who was in the process of divorcing the powerful Anthony Bibbione.

Once they test the ashes from Catherine’s urn, in an attempt to establish that there were traces of heroin in her body and that she was cremated to hide the crime, they are amazed to find that in the urn there are no human ashes at all. What has really happened to Catherine? As the Cosa Nostra has a stranglehold on the distribution of heroin in the Tucson area, Cassidy assembles her team of investigators to track down the local bad guys, while she and Breecie take off for Rome and try to track down Catherine’s son and perhaps her true cremated remains.

Journeying from Rome to Florence, the duo find themselves in Monteriggioni tracking down evidence that shows Bibbione’s pregnant girlfriend was also dead, slaughtered with the dead child removed, in a clumsy attempt to stop a paternity test. As the bodies pile up the ladies rack up the evidence, until, inevitably, they end up kidnapped themselves.

This well-done thriller/crime-fiction tale not only takes us on a tour of Italy but also on a tour of the twisted mind of a sociopath, presenting enough twists to keep the reader in a tail-end spin.

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