“The Window” by Amelia Brunskill


By Amelia Brunskill

Talk about your very worst day. A young girl named Jess is called out of her gym class and taken to the principal’s office. It is there that she learns her twin sister, Anna, has lost her life. Thing is, Jess believes that the odd explanation being given for Anna’s death is most definitely not what actually happened.

Right off the bat readers learn that Jess is the complete opposite of her popular sister; Jess has no skill or desire to excel at sports, school, or anything else. But she does have a loyalty to find out exactly what happened to the sister she loved. When she’s taken home, she stares at the bedroom window that the law has stated is the one Anna “accidentally” fell out of as she was trying to secretly leave the house. But as Jess begins to investigate this story, she uncovers a myriad of lies that the sister she once thought she knew had been telling.

Looking through her sister’s belongings, Jess finds the first odd clue: a love poem written by Anna. The very next day, wanting nothing more than to get some answers, Jess heads to school just to hear that Lily Stevens, Anna’s best friend, has suddenly moved to Florida. And when she calls Lily, she gets nothing more than another odd statement right before Lily hangs up on her and blocks her number from her cell.

The trickling of clues starts to erupt: from a teacher who apparently had a “thing” for Anna to a young boy who Anna was supposedly going to run away with and get married to, Jess finds herself wrapped in a mystery that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats until the truth about what happened to Anna is revealed.

This debut author has done a great job creating a methodic tale that builds perfectly to the ultimate finale.

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