“The Other Lady Vanishes” by Amanda Quick


By Amanda Quick

She is referred to by a powerful group of men, a group who also sell drugs in their spare time, as Patient B. Her real name, however, is Adelaide Blake and she has just been able to escape from Rushbrook, the private sanitarium she was thrown into. Unfortunately, while Adelaide is making her escape she ends up hiding in a doctor’s office. Here, a doctor is murdered and a man with a surgical mask and a syringe steals an odd-looking velvet box off the doctor’s desk and races away…straight to Adelaide’s room.

Narrowly escaping this frightening scene (to the reader, it will be downright thrilling), Adelaide moves to a place called Burning Cove, California in order to stay safe and begin again.

It is the glorious 1930’s and Burning Cove is a favorite among the Hollywood movers-and-shakers. Adelaide is now working at the local tea shop creating her special tea’s that offer people everything from tranquility to a better, more restful sleep. Florence Darley is her boss and loves teasing her about the new neighbor who has moved in beside Adelaide that constantly arrives at the tea shop. As far as Florence is concerned, the handsome, widowed Jake Truett is there to hit on Adelaide and not just to enjoy a ‘nice cup of tea.’ Turns out, Florence was right.

The story unfolds fast. Truett has a reason for being there. Although he states that his doctor told him to go somewhere and relax for his health, Jake is really there to find a blackmailer and steal back an item they have. Not only is the “Psychic to the Stars” soon found dead, but a man comes to town that Adelaide knows wants to either take her back to Rushbrook, or take her life.

There are so many secrets and thrilling characters, plot twists and great action in this one that makes it easy to say, Amanda Quick has definitely outdone herself!

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