“Speed The Dawn” by Philip Donlay


By Philip Donlay

If you want to experience terror, this is where to get it. Donovan Nash is back once again in this new novel by Philip Donlay, and finds himself living in a world where fire is quite literally raining from the sky.

It is not the end of the world, but for certain people on Earth it sure seems like it. Giant meteor showers are occurring, pummeling down all across Northern California. These horrific showers of white hot meteor fragments are creating giant sparks that bring huge fires to life. The landscape is extremely dry so it’s the perfect spot for Mother Nature to use to create hell on earth. And with each shower, these huge fires are moving ever closer to Monterey Bay.

Donovan Nash is one who finds himself in the middle of this nightmare. He has been injured, and his pain is growing worse by the second. All he can concentrate on is keeping himself and the people who are with him alive until the sun comes up and they can try one more time, in the light of day, to find a path out of the fires.

His own wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, is working with the Pentagon, trying to stop the fires from spreading any further in order to save the seven million people living in the area who have no way to escape. If she makes one wrong move, the man she loves will be turned to ash.

Donlay is a fantastic writer; he is so emotional and vibrant with his words, that it makes the present day situation, the fires that have laid waste to many areas in the state of California just recently, even more frightening. This is the eighth thriller in the Donovan Nash series and, if it’s possible, this is one character who continues to get better and better as time moves forward.

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