“Beyond The Pale” by Clare O’Donohue


By Clare O’Donohue

When our tale first begins, readers find themselves in a cottage in Ireland on the banks of the monstrous Atlantic Ocean, sitting with a man who is desperately checking his computer, waiting for his bank to show that a transfer of money has been made.

Quickly we move to the home of Hollis and Finn Larsson. These are two people who are both college professors working in Michigan. Although they love each other, Hollis has been getting antsy. She wants to get a stamp in her passport, or at least take a vacation with her husband and try to get his butt out of the chair and away from the game on the TV. Finn is happy with the relationship and doesn’t really understand why Hollis needs excitement to boost their marriage. What neither expected, however, was just how much excitement they were about to get handed.

One day an old friend named David Agnelli contacts Hollis out of the blue and wishes to catch up. Turns out, David has been working with Interpol and what he’s really after is Hollis’s husband. Finn is known for verifying old documents, and now a manuscript has shown up that Interpol needs his help with. This special manuscript is in the hands of an antiques dealer in Dublin. Seems that Interpol already knows it’s a fake, but they believe clues are located within it that were written by an undercover agent who may need help. But other people are suddenly placing bids to get this from the dealer, and for evil reasons all their own.

Excitement definitely comes into Hollis’s life. But instead of something that could inject life into her marriage, she may just be facing someone who will end her and her husband’s lives once and for all.

This is Book 1 in the new World of Spies mystery series, and the author has created the perfect roller-coaster ride.

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