“When Light Left Us” by Leah Thomas


By Leah Thomas

For those who are riveted by the UFO crash of 1947; those who tuned in every week to see Mulder and Scully try to uncover the “truth” about alien beings; and those who simply love the thought that creatures of high intelligence are somewhere “out there,” this book is for you.

This new author has come on the scene telling a story of the aftermath of one family’s alien encounter. The family goes by the name of Vasquez. The kids had a bit of a harsh time in their lives when their father left them, abandoning the family by climbing into a ‘mothership’ that appeared; it seemed he wanted to live a fantastical life in an alien world instead of being a father and raising his very human children. After that decision, the children were heartbroken. But, oddly enough, Dad is soon replaced by a figure called Luz that just so happens to appear in the canyon behind their house.

These kids shoot basketball with Luz, talk to him, spend time with him, and end up seeing the world in a whole new way. But then Luz disappears, taking something away from each of the Vasquez kids and leaving this trio of young humans to deal with life, a new school year, and people that they no longer feel attached to.

No, this is not E.T., nor is it The X-Files. What Thomas has done, however, is merge emotion, family ties, the supernatural and the real world together in order to form a story that definitely deserves the attention it’s getting. Whether an adult or young adult, this is an imaginative title that shows how family members work together, and how the bond of real friendship can alter the future

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