“The Clarity” by Keith Thomas


By Keith Thomas

This is a thrilling story featuring a psychologist by the name of Dr. Matilda Deacon. When readers first meet the good doctor, she is working diligently, doing mounds of research as she attempts to learn how memories are made and actually stored within the human mind. This in-depth work was sparked when her path crossed with an odd young lady going by the name, Ashanique. The doctor was immediately fascinated with this girl’s story; not a surprise, seeing as that it is a grand one that you would really only think of finding in the world of fiction. But as the girl speaks more and more about her odd memories that include the last soldier who was killed in WWI, the doctor’s skepticism begins to transform. The transformation grows even further when this girl begins speaking about a group called “The Night Doctors” who supposedly chased after her. Seems that, after more research is accomplished, this particular group was mentioned in the past…by a patient who was later found dead.

The more they talk, the more Matilda forms an opinion that the girl is telling the truth; that she and her mother have, in fact, been hunted by an assassin who is on a quest to find something stored in Ashanique’s deep-seated memories.

With a killer on the move, the story brings clarity to such issues as reincarnation. Readers will not turn away from this book; the fast pace and memorable characters will see to it that the entire story is read in one day. Thomas has done a fantastic job of merging suspense and science together to create a truly unforgettable tale.

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