“Red Alert” by James Patterson and Marshall Karp


By James Patterson and Marshall Karp

This is the latest book in the NYPD Red series and yet another blockbuster that boasts the name, James Patterson.

In this day and age, it is always more than a bit frightening when a great number of powerful, rich people come together in an enclosed space. Frightening, because it opens the entire event up to pain and tragedy that terrorists or other evil-doers can create. Tonight, inside Pierre’s Cotillion Room, the wealthiest of the city, including the Mayor of New York, have come together to raise money and celebrate a public housing plan that was put together by an organization called the Silver Foundation.

Amongst the people who are devoting their time and money to this cause are members of the security detail: Detective Zach Jordan and Detective Kylie MacDonald, two of the NYPD Red task force.

Unfortunately, the moment plays out as it was foreseen. The room is shaken when a bomb goes off at the event and the detectives, along with their brethren, have to figure out who, what, and why this tragedy has occurred.

The crimes begin to mount up when another killing occurs, that of a female filmmaker who just so happens to be in a very non-posh part of the city when her life is taken. When this investigation goes into high-speed, this particular woman’s life causes even more confusion and personal heartache for the two detectives.

NYC soon finds that there is a killer who is not done making their point in the Big Apple, and the NYPD Red must track down the killer before others lose their lives. It becomes even more frightening when they find out that perhaps this killer is actually set deep within high society and has at their disposal secrets that NYPD Red knows nothing about…yet.

For those who have fallen for this action-packed series, this newest book will be yet another thrilling crime spree with heroes and bad guys galore.

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