“Perish From The Earth” by Jonathan F. Putnam


By Jonathan F. Putnam

This is the second book in the incredible Lincoln & Speed series, and is even better than the first.

We begin with Joshua Speed racing toward the sea vessel, War Eagle, trying to make it before its departure. You see, the captain of the ship works for the Speed family and Joshua needs to speak with him in regards to financial obligations that he’s not meeting. Making it just in time, Joshua finds himself opening the door to a salon and entering a room filled with some truly colorful characters. Here, a gambler is at work, and the room is filled with everything from an artist to a dandy to a drunken fool. Joshua ends up speaking with one passenger by the name of John W. Jones from Nashville.

Jones has been trying to figure out how this gambler is winning. He wants nothing more than to uncover the scheme and then bet all the money in his pocket. If he wins, he can go home and fulfill his dream of purchasing property. Although Joshua tries to talk him out of such a fool’s venture, John lays down his money and…tragedy erupts. Now the positive man from Nashville has become suspect number one in a murder case.

Enter Abraham Lincoln. A new lawyer, he’s traveling the circuit from county to county bringing justice to remote locations. He’s called upon by his friend Speed to prove this man’s innocence. But as they begin to investigate the crime, they find that the War Eagle is filled to the brim with lies and deception.

Putnam has done a great job of bringing the famous man alive. It’s highly interesting to see Honest Abe’s early days, and hopefully Putnam is at his keyboard right now creating the next title in this truly cool series

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