“I, a Squealer” by Richard Bruns


By Richard Bruns

This gripping true crime is a real blast from the past. Written in 1967, Bruns had the manuscripts hidden deep away until his daughter convinced him now was the time to tell the truth…again!

The first time he squealed and ratted out his friend, Bruns was shunned all over Tucson as he was caught up in the onslaught of fake news (yes, even then) that the case of the “Pied Piper of Tucson” generated. Hounded by the press, he eventually had to leave town as his face was plastered all over the news…not just his face, but also the accusation brought forward by Charles Schmid, the accused, who in retaliation and to deflect guilt from himself turned those accusations back on Bruns.

Schmid had murdered three teenage girls. Bruns believed him. In fact, he helped him hide two of the bodies. Fingering his friend was Bruns only defense. Bruns, a teenager himself, was afraid for his own life and fled to Ohio, where months later, no longer able to bare the angst and guilt of not telling the police what Schmid had forced him to do, made the call to turn the wheels of justice in motion to get his friend arrested.

We’d all like to think that faced with the right or wrong decision we’d all make the correct call. But when the lines are blurred and friendship, then fear, become involved, who knows what that decision should be. Ultimately Bruns stood up to be counted and felt the brunt of his decision for decades. Know, in the end, you can judge for yourself.

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