“Aunt Poldi and the Sicilian Lions” by Mario Giordano


By Mario Giordano

As the story goes, when Auntie Poldi decided to move from Munich to Sicily at the age of 60 years, her reasoning was that she wanted to be there in order “to drink herself comfortably to death with a sea view.” Her ex-husband came from Catania, and his three sisters have welcomed her to join them there; however, Poldi has always followed the beat of her own drummer and instead buys a villa so she can live on her own. It is a tiny place just down the street, and to help her manage life on her own, she hires Valentino: a local jack-of-all-trades, Valentino has the skills to help with the villa running and restoration.

Valentino is a wonder at work until he simply…disappears. Poldi has a gut feeling; she strongly suspects foul play caused the disappearance. She heads to a local estate that Valentino mentioned just before he vanished. The owner of the estate is very cordial and invites Poldi to dinner with her cousin, the owner of another large estate. Poldi does her best to charm everyone involved, yet she isn’t all that lucky at finding people to confide in. That ends when she crosses paths with Police Detective Vito Montana.

Soon the missing person’s investigation turns into an unsolved murder when Valentino is finally discovered…dead as a doornail. New characters galore enter the tale and new suspects abound. Not to mention, a romance grows while one lead after another goes absolutely nowhere.

This story is rich with colorful characters and offers up a whole lot of fun. So, grab something to eat before taking your place on the couch, because this is one book you’ll want to read in one sitting.

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