“All The Beautiful Lies” by Peter Swanson


By Peter Swanson

College graduation is just days away for Harry Ackerson when his life is suddenly turned upside-down. Receiving a call from his stepmother, who resides in Kennewick, Maine, Harry is told that his father has died. Apparently he has committed suicide. Harry returns to Maine during this horrific time, missing his father who ran a local bookstore. But the world around Harry seems almost twisted when his own stepmother begins to get a little too “up close and personal” with him.

Then comes a woman by the name of Grace McGowan. Here we have a girl who sparks Harry’s interest, yet also makes him feel as if she’s hiding more than a few things. Grace stands by her story that she is new to Kennewick, yet her actions seem as if she has somehow known Harry’s family, or at least one of them, for longer than she’s letting on.

Grace begins to question Alice’s role in Bill’s death, and Harry soon finds himself embroiled in a world where his father’s apparent suicide becomes an apparent murder, with various suspects being mentioned to the local police department. But as he begins to wonder about his stepmother and begins to feel more than a little wary when it comes to her sensual moves and the attention she’s paying him, Harry suddenly finds himself with nowhere to turn and no one to trust.

Swanson gives complex, intriguing backstories for these characters and makes sure to place those twists and turns perfectly so that this becomes a true psychological thriller. You question who the hero is and which woman actually owns the evil intent that could have brought about the demise of Bill. And when someone else turns up dead, the story goes from 0-to-60 in a split-second. Peter Swanson has done a fantastic job with this one!

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