“A Loyal Spy” by Simon Conway


By Simon Conway

The incredible author of “The Agent Runner” has done it again. Taking the horrific subjects of jihad, Bin Laden, and the act of betrayal and pain that occurred on 9/11, he has put together a tale that, at its very core, is about two childhood friends and the paths they chose to take.

Jonah is a man who was raised to live a life in the intelligence universe. Smart, he knows the dangers that come with the job, but this is something he never expected. Growing up, he had a friend by the name of Nor ed-Din who was also being groomed for the same type of job and lifestyle as Jonah. But as the years passed, it ended up where Jonah had to take his friend’s life…or, at least, he thought he had. His last memory of his friend was seeing him, face-down, in ice-cold water. Turns out, however, Nor had not gone to his maker after all.

Jonah was Nor’s handler on a mission, but Nor was sent packing when the Soviets were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan. It took many years, but they were once again brought together when Nor’s services were engaged during a completely botched assassination attempt on Bin Laden’s life. In fact, it was then that Jonah first got the horrible idea that his once best friend may actually be working for the enemy and had created his own private act of terrorism.

A non-stop adventure begins after the dark days of 9/11 where readers will follow Nor through some of the most amazing and frightening locations available; places where there is a chance millions of innocent people will lose their lives.

So, who’s the good guy? Who will win? Are these friends looking at things the wrong way? Every person who is engaged by authors such as Brad Thor will love Simon Conway’s ability to pen the perfect spy story that stays with you long after the tale is over

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