“The Cutting Edge” by Jeffery Deaver


By Jeffery Deaver

“The Cutting Edge” is the next incredible installment from #1 New York Times author Jeffery Deaver, in the Lincoln Rhyme series.

Planning for a wedding is already a stressful time, but now having to also deal with a killer that calls himself “The Promiser,” Rhyme and Sachs really have their hands full. After a triple murder in Manhattan’s diamond district, the killer leaves behind over a half-million dollars in gems, which only confuses Rhyme as to the motive. Then another murder committed against a couple that had just visited a wedding planner, has Rhyme thinking that this isn’t about money, but about the couples themselves. “The Promiser” makes a mistake and leaves behind a witness, one that can foil his plans. The chase is on for Rhyme and Sachs to find the witness, which puts them in the crosshairs of the killer.

Deaver delivers another explosive book in the series. After reading this, it’s very easy to see why Deaver is on the short list as being one of the best thriller writers ever. Writing a series has its’ challenges, one is to always keep the series fresh and keep fans wanting to see what happens next. Deaver is a master at that. As soon as I think, “ok, he can’t do better than this,” Deaver not only proves me wrong with “The Cutting Edge,” but he keeps me up all night wanting to finish it. Damn you, Jeffery Deaver, for giving us another book that will end in sleepless nights. It will be no surprise to see “The Cutting Edge” appear on many lists for being the best book of the year.

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