“His Risk” by Shelley Shepard Gray


By Shelley Shepard Gray

This incredible series, The Amish of Hart County, has proven to be among the “best of the best” when it comes to romantic suspense.

For those who have been following these intriguing journeys, this time around Calvin Fisher is the main character who said “so long” to the Amish, their way of life, and Hart County at a very young age. He was only fourteen when he turned his back on the place. Now, all grown up, Calvin has reappeared in the location that he always said he would never re-visit again. Reason being, his brother became ill and Calvin wants to be by his side.

Calvin must work hard to clean up the past and try to heal old wounds by making amends with his family and friends. However, Calvin must also continue to lie to these people because no one can know about his job and various other secrets he’s keeping.

Alice, the local school teacher, captures his heart. She works to steer clear of him because of his past, but she finds it virtually impossible to not fall in love with this truly brave man. Calvin becomes torn, as well, when danger suddenly erupts in the county. A great many people are put in harm’s way, including Alice, and Calvin believes that it is his fault. He must find a way to stop the evil from increasing while trying to keep his true self a secret.

This series is a long-running one with each new tale offering up fresh characters that are wrapped in a perfect web of romance and intrigue. Readers will be thrilled to get their hands on this newest mystery and look forward to reading even more.

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