“The Wife” by Alafair Burke


By Alafair Burke

It’s not often you can say this, but this new release, a domestic thriller if there’s ever been one, by Alafair Burke, is a total and complete gem. Not one boring line or lagging minute can be found from beginning to end.

Her name is Angela. She met her husband, Jason Powell, when she was on the delivery side of things: catering a dinner party in East Hampton, NY. Yes, it was one of those flings between a summer tourist/visitor and a local. Or, at least she thought that’s what it was supposed to be. Surprise, surprise, Jason definitely wanted more than that and the two ended up exchanging vows the summer after they met.

Angela was in love with Jason and loved the marriage even more. This twist of fate allowed her and her son to move out of her mother’s house to Manhattan, a place where no one actually knew her. The marriage moved along beautifully. Jason published what became a best-selling book and began to become a household name in the literary world.

The downfall begins when a college intern accuses Jason of “wrong doing,” and another lady, Kerry Lynch, comes out with even more gossip thrown in Jason’s path. Jason tells his wife that he is absolutely innocent of all of these charges, and Angela absolutely believes him. But when Kerry Lynch up and disappears and an even greater shadow of guilt is cast upon her husband, Angela begins to realize that some old secrets from her own past may be dredged up with the rest of the mess that’s about to befall them.

This is a fantastic story as Angela battles to figure out whether standing by her man is the right thing to do, even when that may mean watching a life she loves go up in flames. Reading this one is a great way to start off a New Year!

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