“The Throne Of Caesar: A Mystery Of Ancient Rome” by Steven Saylor


By Steven Saylor

Okay, so Caesar is definitely a name all readers would know. However, author Steven Saylor is so good at what he does that the writing of this mystery is fresh, new and will not be just another “Ides” book, if you know what I mean.

In fact, we concentrate mainly on Rome’s own personal Sherlock Holmes, Gordianus the Finder. Although retired now, after a long life of solving crimes for the most rich, prominent families Rome has to offer, his services are once again requested from the very top of the ladder.

On March 10, he meets with both Cicero and then with the mighty ‘dictator for life,’ Caesar. There are conspiracies afoot, more than one, and both men ask Gordianus to keep eyes open, ears at the ready and report back if he discovers any scheme that’s in the works.

Caesar has pardoned all the bad guys and rewarded all his friends and is now preparing to leave with his Army to fight another Empire: the Parthians. But before departure, Caesar is planning to bestow upon Gordianus an honor that will change his life and the destiny of his family for the rest of time. In other words, Gordianus, for personal reasons, needs to stop any plot that may be in the works that could take Caesar out. With four days left before the Senate convenes, Gordianus must put retired life aside and get back on the investigative path.

Readers will love the way this book is presented. The characters, the scenes, the history brought to life on every page…Saylor has made sure to not miss a single moment and should be praised for writing about a time and place in our past that many would still love to visit. This may be the first book in 2018 that will deserve an award nomination when all is said and done.

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