“The Storm King” by Brendan Duffy


By Brendan Duffy

Readers first meet Nate McHale out on the field, playing baseball. He’s not the best of the best but he’s pretty darn good for Greystone Lake’s junior varsity team. Mom, dad and his brother, Gabe, are watching him play and are proud when Nate receives the game ball. Headed back home on this fun day, unfortunately, an accident is just waiting to upend their lives. The car in front of them hits the center line and Nate’s father guns his engine in order to get out of the accident’s path. Because of the game ball being wedged under the brake, a crash cannot be averted, and only Nate is left alive to deal with the fact that everyone he loved is now gone.

Speeding ahead, over a decade later, Nate has left Greystone Lake and this horrific moment in his life behind and has become a surgeon in New York City, as well as a loving father and husband. Life has gone on for Nate. What he does not know, however, is that Greystone will once again be surrounding him.

A body is found buried in the forest that plays scene to Greystone Lake; news that draws Nate back to this dark place. The reunion he has with friends, and the history he must deal with are filled with more suspense and secrets than he bargained for, including memories of one Lucy Bennett who’d been a large part of his youth. Add to that the fact that a hurricane is headed directly at Greystone Lake, and you have Mother Nature’s acts of violence walking hand-in-hand with the violent acts of humans all around. Something is operating in this town that will have the past rise and others fall into blackness.

Author Brendan Duffy has written a mystery that unleashes a well of emotions—from thrills and chills to heartbreak and sorrow. This is one tale that most definitely will keep readers hooked until the very end.

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