“The Silent Fountain” by Victoria Fox


By Victoria Fox

Lucy Whittaker is a twenty-something living in London. She is a nice young woman who is, quite literally, wondering if she will garner headlines soon and have her life actually ruined by what has occurred. Her best friend and flatmate, Belinda, talks to Lucy about heading to Italy and getting out of London before the press do become a part of her life. There is a job available in a villa in Florence called the Castillo Barbarossa, and despite the fact that she does not want to go, Lucy ends up skipping town and heading to Florence to work as a maid. What she finds is an old, mostly decrepit place that looks like it hasn’t been lived in for a long time. But what she finds inside, will be even stranger.

Vivien Lockhart comes from a family in South Carolina that is not at all a nice family. Her father, Gilbert Lockhart, is a preacher who is one of those who likes to use God as a threat, making his daughter turn away from him and seek her future elsewhere. Her life moves forward and Vivien ends up to be a film star. But a nightmare occurs that sends her into the arms of a secretive man named Giovanni.

What these two separate females have in common is the fact that they will both call the Castillo Barbarossa their home. The same place that plays home to odd voices, secrets, ghosts, and a fountain that appears in all sorts of dreams…and nightmares.

Victoria Fox is a master when it comes to weaving a tale that fits perfectly against the location/scenery she chooses to use. And, best of all, Fox has that talent to make a person’s skin grow cold while they’re reading about a sunny, beautiful day in Italy.

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