“The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine


By Liv Constantine

Amber Patterson is a girl with a background. A background that includes a moment in time that she would rather forget; a moment in time that has this girl, now turned woman, shying away from photographers no matter what the circumstance.

Being a girl from a poor place who has always craved wealth, Amber sets her sights on attaining that one important goal. She focuses her energy on Daphne Parrish and her husband, which is why she has moved to Connecticut to put her plan in motion.

Amber befriends Daphne, who is one of those elite women in the super-posh state who gets everything she wants. She has the latest pocketbook that costs more than most peoples’ houses; she’s a member of “the club” and is raising two daughters, the youngest being a real brat who likes to call people fat and demand gifts. You may have heard this story before; where a woman will do anything to get what another woman has because her life is diamond-encrusted…to those who are looking in. What this author does, however, is make sure that after the story of Amber is conveniently told, the story of the woman looking out of the diamond-encrusted house begins.

Daphne and her husband have a life that no one sees, not even Amber. And what commences, what is revealed to the reader, causes this book to go from a good story to a whopping tale of suspense that you never saw coming.

The “play” that Amber is making may just work out great, with her getting that brass ring. However, she may just get what some women absolutely deserve. If you want to know who, exactly, the last Mrs. Parrish is, you have to read this book cover to cover. You’ll find yourself on an out-of-control roller-coaster, making Liv Constantine one of the greatest ‘teams’ in suspense/thriller writing today.

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