“The Deceivers” by Alex Berenson


By Alex Berenson

In this, the 12th incredible thriller starring John Wells, the headline news subject featuring the Russians is the focal point.

Readers are first told all about the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Here, during a scheduled Maverick’s basketball game, a fake terrorist attack is set up to occur. Russian spies masquerading as FBI agents vow to the man they’ve tricked into infiltrating the sleeper cell of terrorists that the attack will not succeed. They’re simply going to supply the weapons needed, but remove all the firing pins before the attack begins. Trouble was…the vow did not come true. This was a massacre.

John Wells, former CIA agent, is summoned to Washington almost immediately after this hideousness has taken place. There is so much that went wrong—so many people that could have been involved—that it needs to be investigated. Yet another belief that did not come true.

Wells is more than a bit surprised when he finds out that their request to come to Washington has nothing to do with him going to Dallas. In fact, the former CIA Director, who is now the President of the United States, Vinnie Duto, asks Wells to head to Colombia. It seems that there is an old “friend” there who has data to share, and Wells needs to figure out how to attain that data while outsmarting schemes being planned by sleeper cells, snipers and double agents in his own government that want nothing more than for Russia to take over the world and be the supreme power they always thought they should be.

The American elections were only the beginning, and once again author Alex Berenson takes today’s news and opens up a can of worms that no one could possibly have thought to open. If you’re looking for a great read, this is it!

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