“The Bad Daughter” by Joy Fielding


By Joy Fielding

Robin is a therapist working in L.A. who seems to have more panic attacks than her patients ever could. Her fiancé’s name is Blake, and she’s always a bit worried that he’s having an affair, so because of these things she has started popping pills to calm herself down.

Her sister, Melanie, is a real pain in the butt and was one of the reasons Robin left home. The other reasons included her mother’s early death and her own father deciding to marry Robin’s childhood friend, Tara, who is decades younger than her father. It also didn’t help that Tara was engaged to Robin’s brother, Alec, which further destroyed the family.

Robin gets a call from her sister back in Red Bluff letting her know that Dad, who happens to be the wealthiest man in the area, Tara, and Dad’s stepdaughter Cassidy have been shot. It looks like a home invasion, but Melanie informs Robin that no one thinks their dad, Greg Davies, is going to survive.

Robin finds herself in Red Bluff trying to avoid Melanie’s brutal sarcasm, while also trying to forgive her dying father for the crap he put her through as a child. What happens instead is that one person dies from the event; the home invasion turns into a murder case; and the town cop begs Robin to help get to the truth because Melanie has decided that everyone wants to pin this on her own autistic son, Landon.

This is one family with secrets galore, and every time you believe you know the killer and why they did it, Fielding makes sure to completely change direction. When you do find out what the title really means, you will not believe it. Which is the best review possible for a psychological thriller; something that Joy Fielding is an expert at writing.

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