“Talk To The Paw” by Melinda Metz


By Melinda Metz

If the adorable cover doesn’t have you picking up this book to read, then the witty, charming mystery that plays out inside should have you begging for more.

Here we have Jamie Snyder. Mid-thirties, single, she’s gotten to the point where she is sick and tired of dealing with moronic boyfriends. She’s faced everything from men who are petrified to put that ring on a woman’s finger to those who have tried to hide the fact that there’s already a woman with a ring on their finger waiting for them at home; the woman they’ll get back to after their date with Jamie is over. Jamie has turned her thoughts to herself. It’s her time now, and the only man who is allowed to be in her life is her tabby cat, MacGyver.

Now, MacGyver is most definitely loyal to Jamie. He’s not like the rest of those males out there. But, as with all males, he does have a quality that makes him a little hard to handle and more than a little annoying: he likes to sneak out of the house at night and steal things from the neighbors.

MacGyver, however, soon finds something else to keep him busy. This is one smart cat and he knows that Jamie is suffering from loneliness. To him, it’s a certain scent she gives off; the same scent that a neighbor by the name of David transmits. David is a good guy, a baker, and handsome and is just what the doctor ordered for Jamie. So MacGyver’s next step is to steal from David and get the young man to show up at their door. Plan works and soon stolen goods are being transported back and forth as Jamie and David heat up under MacGyver’s cat-burglar eyes.

If you want fun, cute and memorable, this is the book.

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