“No One Can Know” by Lucy Kerr


By Lucy Kerr

This title, the second Stillwater General Mystery, carries on from “Time of Death,” which was definitely a promising start to a brand new suspense series.

We begin with ER nurse, Frankie Stapleton, who’s hard at work in her trauma-filled world when a car crash victim is brought in to Stillwater General Hospital. Frankie and the rest of her fantastic team work hard to keep the mother alive and save the baby, but after an extreme effort, the mother loses her life. What is worse, however, is when it’s found out by Frankie that this tragic event was no accident.

The deceased mother, a social worker, has lost her life at the hands of a killer who is behind this definite hit-and-run. Frankie and members of her team at Stillwater believe that the murderer may just have been a troubled patient of the social worker looking for revenge. Yet another possibility is revealed when it’s found that the woman was the wife of a politician who many people want to see succeed.

Readers will find this a thrilling tale, watching Frankie try to unravel whether this is a crime of anger or politics, and just how insane the person responsible for it may be. Add in the fact that the baby suddenly comes up missing, and now Frankie must kick it into overdrive in order to find the child and take a killer off the streets before Frankie becomes his or her next victim.

Author Lucy Kerr has made sure that this series that started well, grows in intensity.

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