“Many A Twist” by Sheila Connolly


By Sheila Connolly

For fans who have gotten absolutely hooked on these County Cork Mysteries, you’ll not be disappointed with this new tale.

Maura Donovan is from Boston. Long ago, her father passed away and her mother had simply up and vanished, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. Once she was grown, she was told that a man by the name ‘Old Mick’ had willed a pub to her operating in West Cork. The only thing Maura brought back to the place was a long-standing tradition of having Irish bands/live music, which has now brought new patrons and more money into the facility. Maura has a best friend named Gillian, who’s almost ready to have a baby and dealing with her own problems, and Maura also has a romantic interest that has remained in the ‘friend’ category, yet the spark between them seems to be growing in intensity.

This time out, a hotel located close by named Cran Mor has been bought up by an organization looking to reopen the place. We’re talking about a pretty ritzy location, and the group that’s running it has called Maura to meet with her. They’d heard about her live music and want to make a deal. Trouble is, one of the members of the visiting group just so happens to be her long-lost mother. When the body of the man in charge of Cran Mor is found dead in the fancy gardens, Maura’s mother becomes suspect number one, and Maura finds herself quickly thrown into a case filled with family dramas, secrets, and a whole lot of stuff from her own past she wasn’t ready to hear.

Being the author of many series out there—from The Orchard Mysteries to The Museum Mysteries, and so much more—Connolly sticks to what she knows best: How to write a drop dead awesome book that keeps readers entertained from beginning to end!

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