“Look For Me” by Lisa Gardner


By Lisa Gardner

Gardner has yet again put together a frightening thriller that offers a web of plots that tie together perfectly in the end.

Beginning the tale with a hideous murder, a young girl by the name of Sarah escapes a brutal killer who has come into the home she shares with her roommates. This killer ends up taking out everyone there in front of Sarah’s eyes, leaving her with a rough time ahead as she tries to put the nightmares of the evening behind her and move on.

Time has passed and now Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren receives a call about a crime scene she must report to. Upset that she can’t spend the day with her son, helping him pick out a dog for the family, D.D. heads to work and enters a house where an entire family has been killed. One girl, however, the oldest daughter, is not there. As far as people know, she went out to walk the dogs and apparently has not returned. So, did the killer kidnap this girl after killing her family or was she, herself, the murderer and has somehow escaped?

The case becomes intricate for the detective when the dogs are found tied to a tree with a note attached to their collars asking for them to be taken care of. As the search for this girl grows wider in scope, a rebel from D.D.’s past joins the search. She, too, is a survivor and helps others (like Sarah) get through the agony they’ve been exposed to. Although she’s a bit gritty and basically does her own investigation, she and D.D. combine forces in order to find the teenager, and figure out who on earth committed this brutality.

Readers will never be able to put this one down. The plot keeps you guessing by adding various red herrings into the mix, and characters that seem “friendly” are hiding some pretty frightening secrets. Another bestseller by Lisa Gardner.


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