“Live and Let Fly” by Clover Tate


By Clover Tate

This is a new title from the Kite Shop Mysteries, and it’s just as entertaining as the first!

As summer is coming to an end in Rock Point, Oregon, Emmy Adler is desperate to win Rock Point’s annual kite festival. You see, she needs the publicity for her shop, Strings Attached, because with the summer season dying down, so will the sales of handmade kites in her store.

Emmy has total faith and belief that she can win. Not even her fight with reality TV star, Jasmine Normand, can deaden her hopes. Unfortunately, that star—who just happens to be a judge for the kite contest—ends up dead as a doornail not long after the very public argument between she and Emmy.

Although she wanted nothing more than to garner publicity, this was most definitely not the type of publicity Emmy was looking for. But she can’t avoid it. When police start investigating what happened to Jasmine, they soon come to the conclusion that the woman was murdered, making Emmy the number one suspect in the crime. It also doesn’t help that a national reporter believes Emmy is 100% responsible for the killing. Doesn’t matter now that sales will be falling at her shop, because Emmy now needs time to turn from kite creator and saleswoman to amateur sleuth in order to solve this case before she ends up behind bars.

This series is ‘soaring.’ The characters, the town, the supporting cast—everything is a whole lot of fun and cozy readers will absolutely love these tales.

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