“I Know What You Bid Last Summer” by Sherry Harris


By Sherry Harris

Professional garage sale organizer Sarah Winston has more work than she can handle in the quaint Massachusetts town of Ellington. Sarah is a recent arrival and has been warmly embraced. When she’s asked to donate her services to organize an athletic merchandise swap for Ellington High School, she finds the time. The night before the event Sarah stays late, alone, in the high school gymnasium to be sure everything is in place for the big day. What she doesn’t bargain for is being viciously attacked. Managing to free herself, she’s able to report the attack, is checked out at the hospital, and deemed to be okay. Just slightly terrified.

Sarah does an early morning walk-through before the doors open and discovers several items missing. Who would want to steal used sporting equipment? But the worst discovery is yet to come. Just as the swap is winding down, Sarah finds the school superintendent, Melba Harper, dead in her office, with a vintage ski pole through her heart. The police believe that the two events must be connected, but no one can figure out how.

Although she’s upset by everything, Sarah has an upcoming high-profile garage sale to organize for school board member Lance Long and his wife, Kelly. Kelly’s vision for her sale is “vintage, urban, chic,” and has decided she wants refreshments served, plus she wants to rent an upscale tent to showcase the offerings. Sarah agrees, with reluctance, because this is after all a garage sale, not a Hollywood premiere.

The more questions Sarah asks about Melba’s relationships to other school board members, the more she becomes the target of a diabolical killer. “I Know What You Bid Last Summer” is cleverly plotted, with an engaging cast of characters and a clever premise that made me think twice about my shopping habits. Check it out. And, by the way, it’s possible to get tired of eating lasagna!

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