“His Guilt” by Shelley Shepard Gray


By Shelley Shepard Gray

Mark Fisher was never going to return to the quiet, Amish community that he once called home. After all, it is the site of the worst time in his life. Once upon a time in Hart County, he was falsely accused of assault, and he fled in order to put the past, the county and all its people behind him in order to live a better life. It is only when a friend, the only friend he had who helped him back in Amish-land, needs him that Mark decides to return. What he wasn’t expecting, however, was to fall for a very pretty girl by the name of Waneta (Neeta) Cain.

The girl has a good head on her shoulders and does not believe that the now worldly Mark has an evil bone in his body. She certainly doesn’t believe the gossip that still lingers regarding his supposedly violent past. But when her own friend is brutally attacked, some of that awful gossip starts to invade her psyche.

Mark feels like his heart is breaking when Neeta goes from happy to acting very wary around him. He wants to beg her, make her realize that he is not capable of assault and would never even raise a hand to a woman. But when another in the community is attacked suddenly Mark believes he knows exactly who has been doing this all along. He finds that he has two choices: He can run once again, which will solidify in Neeta’s mind that he is guilty. Or, he can stay and fight, unveiling the real predator, clearing his name, and making sure that Neeta does not face the brutality that others already have.

Romantic suspense is definitely the category for this one, and the author delivers a highly emotional thriller that will have every reader going ‘back in time’ to get the first book in this, The Amish of Hart County series.

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