“Head Wounds” by Dennis Palumbo


By Dennis Palumbo

For readers who have not followed the Daniel Rinaldi series, it is time to jump aboard this incredible train.

Being a consultant for the Pittsburgh Police Department, Psychologist Dr. Daniel Rinaldi is a specialist when it comes to treating/helping people who have been the victims of violent crimes. This, the fifth book in the series, has Rinaldi looking at becoming one of these victims, himself.

What you would definitely call a domestic dispute occurs right outside the doctor’s front door. Unbeknownst to him, his own neighbor has told her angry, over-reactive boyfriend that Rinaldi is actually her lover, which causes a gunshot to ring out and almost take out Rinaldi right then and there. Instead, Rinaldi trades playing the role of a victim for murder suspect.

A cloud of darkness descends on the doctor’s life—a familiar cloud in the form of Sebastian Maddox who is not only genius-level but also an absolute psycho. He wants Rinaldi gone in the most macabre way possible, as well as taking down everyone the doctor loves and cares for.

Rinaldi has been forewarned by Maddox that if he goes to the police or tells authorities about anything, deaths will occur all over the city. Yet, into the story comes FBI profiler Lyle Barnes, now retired who was once a patient who suffered from night terrors, along with Special Agent Gloria Reese. Reese has her own extra-special “gifts” that add to a new relationship springing up in this tale.

If you could put a picture beside the words “cat-and-mouse” in the dictionary, the cover of this book would be it. Palumbo has, as always and once again, given readers a story that they will never forget. The Daniel Rinaldi train is rolling…do not miss it!

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