“Hair Brained” by Nancy J. Cohen


By Nancy J. Cohen

You would think that at one point or another a series would fade, or perhaps the characters would grow a bit boring no matter how wonderful they’ve been over the years. Yet, even though this is book #14 in this particular series, The Bad Hair Day Mysteries show no signs of ever becoming faded or boring. In fact, it seems like each one that hits the shelves offers up another breath of fresh air in the mystery realm.

This time around, an emotional story plays out when hairstylist Marla Vail’s best friend, Tally, is hurt in a car crash and Marla takes over as guardian to her best friend’s child. What makes this moment even worse is when Marla’s own husband, Detective Dalton Vail, tells her that the car crash may not have been accidental at all. He believes that the crash occurred on purpose and someone was attempting to kill a person or persons inside the vehicle. This makes no sense whatsoever to Marla. After all, they’re talking about Tally and Ken, two of the nicest people Marla has ever known.

While attempting to be the guardian and keep her friends’ son safe and protected, Marla finds herself in a murder investigation. Information comes to light that proves just because you know someone, you don’t really know them. Out of the woodwork comes a fraud investigation that apparently Ken’s insurance agency was involved in; as well as information about a ladies’ tea circle that Tally had just joined. The secrets among these women could just have put Tally on a ‘to kill’ list.

Readers will become immersed in book #14 as quickly as they did in book #1 of this incredible series. From page one, you’ll hang on every word as the twists and turns of the mystery are revealed and Marla goes into overdrive to prove that the friends she trusted all this time were definitely worthy of that trust.

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