“Books Of A Feather” by Katie Carlisle


By Katie Carlisle

Although you wouldn’t usually “tie” a library, Audubon’s famous pictures of birds, and a national birdwatchers’ group to a murder, this author did exactly that. And she did it very well. This latest Bibliophile Mystery brings back Brooklyn Wainwright, and has readers engrossed by the end of the very first page.

It is Brooklyn’s friend who is in charge of the Covington Library. This is the library that just so happens to be opening a new exhibit starring the famous John James Audubon’s work, “Birds of America.” This huge book contains 435 life-sized watercolors of North American birds, and is considered the archetype of wildlife illustration. It’s amazing for anyone to be able to get a glance at this nearly 200-year-old creation, so the Covington Library’s gala is one of excitement and fun.

During the event, however, it’s almost as if dreams are coming true for both Brooklyn and her friend. The President of the National Birdwatchers’ Society, Jared Mulrooney, needs help repairing another, lesser-known work of Audubon’s. In addition, Brooklyn’s party becomes even more celebratory when she is asked to repair a copy of the extremely rare, “Poor Richard’s Almanack.” But when Mulrooney is found dead inside the library, the event turns from a “dream come true” into a horror flick.

But a dead body is not all Brooklyn has to deal with. She also has to put up with her parents who decide to stop by with someone Brooklyn most definitely does not want to see. Her skills and need to find the killer kick into overdrive when she realizes she is being closed in on and may just be on the murderer’s list. But for what reason, she has yet to understand.

The Bibliophile Mysteries have always been entertaining, and the tradition continues with this latest tale.

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