“Better Dead” by Pamela Kopfler


By Pamela Kopfler

Leave it to Pamela Kopfler to start off the New Year with a brand new cozy series that fans will absolutely eat up! Set in a small Louisiana town, readers are introduced to a whole new gang of memorable characters.

This story focuses on the demise of Mr. Burl Davis, who went to the “great beyond” and messed up his almost ex-wife’s plans yet again. You see, he died too early for Holly to serve him with the divorce papers that were drawn up to put their relationship out to pasture. On a more positive note, if you want to see it that way, Burl did die before he almost bankrupted Holly’s B&B set on Holly Grove, which is a plantation that has been owned by her family for generations.

Ironically, Holly can’t seem to get rid of this guy; even death doesn’t seem to want him. Burl’s ghost remains because he has unfinished business. And before he can move on, he needs Holly’s help to bring down a drug ring. Working together in death better than they did in life, these two come to an agreement. She’ll help him if (and only if) Burl haunts the B&B to bring in more customers. One snag occurs when Holly’s former boyfriend who she definitely still has feelings for decides to visit the B&B. She must now put up with a reignited flame and the ghost of the one man she hoped would never bother her again.

And for those of you wondering if something ‘extra’ is added…wonder no more. The author not only gives a great story, she also makes sure that for the New Year everyone can add Holly Grove’s Mint Julep recipe and Nelda’s Bourbon Pecan Pralines to their cookbooks. If book one is any indication, this is a series that will definitely become a quick fan favorite.

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